Slick Triptych

by Creep City



2009 - I sure didn't know what I was in for in the next few years. Time makes fools of us all.

I had a weird hair and decided to get back into noise music. After a few failed attempts, my circuit bent SK-1 fell into my lap. I immediately started recording new and interesting sounds with this fun instrument, but had not quite gotten back to my noise roots.

In an inspired weekend, I recorded Slick Triptych using said SK-1, a little Buddha machine, and my delay pedal. I was so pleased with the results that I decided to release the 2 pieces.

Unfortunately, the experimental and improv scene had not quite congealed in the area, so I was stuck handing out copies to friends and well wishers who probably did not know what to do with it. C'est la vie.

So, here it is for you now. Ready to go in all of it's droney glory. Enjoy!


released August 24, 2012

Jason Irvin - All Sounds




Creep City Jacksonville, Florida

Synth jams, drone explorations, lo-fi silliness, and serious pictures of Uncle Jessie from Full House.

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